About Us

For over 16 years, AnyPlace MD’s related family of companies have provided a variety of innovative healthcare services to people in a broad range of locations where the need is high, but access is low. While much of their work is done to assist the United States military, they also bring valuable healthcare, audiology and/or dental services to seniors, veterans organizations and prisons through on-site or portable facilities.

MDBox is a prominent leader in the telehealth revolution. Developed by the innovative founder of Reliant Immune Diagnostics and Austin Allergy Clinic, one of the largest immunology practices in the county, MDBox's patented app is transforming telemedicine. MDBox traditional offerings allowed for diagnosis of patients with UTI's, colds and flu, strep throat, pink eye and more using AI machine vision technology from a mobile device. The MDBox app technology offers patient consultations and monitoring that can be used in conjunction with Serological SARS-CoV2 Antibody Assessment among other appropriate tests, screening, and treatment options for patients.

AnyPlace MD and MDBox merged missions to create AnyPlace MDBox. The exciting joint venture brings you the first of its kind COVID-19 services offering that is in a class of its own. It combines a quick response, high quality serological assessment by a CLIA certified lab with a state of the art telehealth solution, connecting patients and medical providers without risking potential exposure. The AnyPlace MDBox offering can help you drive the crusade toward reducing the spread of COVID-19.

Henry Legere, M.D

CEO, Reliant Immune Diagnostics Founder, Greater Austin Allergy

D. Shane Stevens

CEO, AnyPlace MD CEO, Dental & Health Management Systems