Our Patents

Our partners and founders have worked over the last 5 years to develop and patent the most robust mobile diagnostic and health platform. Our foresight led to the unique position of being the top-level patent portfolio for tracking epidemics via mobile devices and the way individual testing is both mapped and immediately triaged with medical professionals. Our picket fence patent portfolio includes anchor core patents of systems and methods which include:

Core Patents

  • Epidemic Tracking on a Mobile Device
  • Immediate Health Assessment Response System
  • Handing Diagnostic Test Results to Telemedicine Provider
  • Quantifying, Ensuring, and Triggering the Prescriptive Authority in a Telemedicine Session
  • Audio Visual Response to A Diagnostic Product
  • Code Triggering Telemedicine Session
  • Visual Trigger to Perform a Diagnostic Test
  • Digital Consumer Medical Wallet and Storehouse
  • Medical Escalation and Intervention that is a Direct Result of a Remote Diagnostic Test
  • Mapping a Diagnostic Test to an Individual User to Create a Unique Profile on a Remote Database