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Every healthcare organization is unique, so AnyPlace MD develops custom workforce solutions that allow you to get to the heart of your mission: providing great patient care. AnyPlace MD offers quality hospital and ambulatory surgery center management services.
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Improving Hospital and Ambulatory Surgery Center Performance Is Our Specialty

The AnyPlace MD team can provide an outstanding solution for the growth, management and care needs organizations with which we work. The APMD team has more than 150 years of combined management, service line growth, business turn around, project management, contracting, and staffing experience.  APMD is the force-multiplier that focuses on your business and best-in-class reporting and operating metrics to drive success through focus on quality care, physician relationships, and cost management.

Proven Track Record

  • Experienced leadership which has a long track record helping clients reach success
  • Experienced management team with a deep bench of support
  • Experience improving quality and expense management

A La Carte Pricing

  • Transparent pricing
  • Flexible engagement terms

Ready to Deploy

  • Deep bench to deploy and make an immediate impact

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Healthcare & Medical Staffing
done right

Comprehensive Management Solutions – APMD can drive success through our turn key solution while keeping your for your facility including all aspects of:

Comprehensive Management Solutions
  • Leadership Solutions
  • Operations Solutions
  • Top Line Revenue Growth
  • Finance Solutions
  • Quality Program Solutions
  • Expense Reduction and Materials Management Solution
  • Staff Modeling and Management
  • Enterprise-Wide Reporting and Analytics
  • Human Resources and Staffing Solutions
Expense reduction

Complete evaluation and analysis of expense profile

  • Identify Cost Saving Opportunities
    • Med/Surge supplies
    • Implant
    • Service contract
    • Back office
  • Internal Control of Spend
    • Implementation of systems to control spend
    • Provide best practice solutions
Big on meeting your needs

Our Background

In 2007, Shane Stevens, founder and CEO of Dental Health Management Solutions (DHMS), founded APMD with the sole purpose of improving healthcare. APMD is founded on the belief that empowering patients via immediate on-demand medical services is the most efficient and effective way to improve patient outcomes and expand access to care while reducing overall health care costs. Shane has expanded his vision to encompass multiple companies employing over 7,000 employees across the United States. 

As of 2022, APMD operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year with both immediate on-demand leadership, providers and “backup redundancy”. Our teams’ experience working to turn around hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers to financial stability, supporting hospitals  and ASCs to grow top line revenue and manage costs far exceed the industry standard. Our current network of medical professionals across the U.S. consists of hospital and healthcare leadership, with over 5,000 registered medical professionals (both HIPAA and HITRUST certified).

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E. Randy Eckert, MD
Medical Director

Need Bio

Brenda Thompson,
Vice President of Human Resources

With over 20 years of Human Resource and Operations experience, Brenda brings her expertise and specialized skill set to Dental Health Management Solutions, AnyPlace MD and AnyPlace Audiology.  Her successful career includes working as an Executive Director in senior living communities and advancing her Human Resources career to Vice President of Human Resources. Brenda has a specific style and approach to balance risk-management and employee satisfaction.

Shane Stevens - AnyPlace MD- COVID-19 Testing and Treatment Solutions

Shane Stevens

Throughout my career, I have served and volunteered with several organizations including serving as an advisory board member for Concordia University Texas, an annual participant and supporter of Hounds for Heroes, the Special Olympics, and many others. I have also served as a deacon at the Austin Baptist Church since 2009. Shane earned a BS in Long-Term Health Care Administration from Texas State University in San Marcos.