Return to Work

Protecting your workforce, family and the community around
you during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Testing is an important tool
to get back to work

Considerations for Your Testing Regimen

You and your HR team will want to establish a baseline of employees’ COVID-19 risk, exposure, and disease burden. An initial onsite COVID-19 test session for your worksite is recommended, and then periodic testing thereafter. You might want to consider testing 25% of the team weekly; therefore, you can test your entire team monthly without major disruptions to work output.

Other activities such as daily temperature checks at the beginning of each shift will help you identify symptomatic employees quickly. If an employee tests positive for a COVID-19 test or shows a fever during daily temperature checks, they should be referred to their primary care physician for further evaluation, testing, treatment, quarantine, and/or clearance.

  • Team safety
  • Level of exposure
  • Prevent spread of disease
  • Plan for returning workers
  • Maintain/Improve productivity
  • Plan for 2nd wave of infections
  • Helps “flatten the curve” for the larger society
  • Lower legal liability

According to the CDC  it is reasonable to expect ~85% of your employees to test negative, based on current COVID-19 infection rate data.

Example | Getting 500 employees back to work

To get back to work, you need a plan you can execute to keep your returning employees as safe as possible. In this example, you can see a plan for reopening with the aim of detected and quarantining team members that test positive for COVID-19 to protect the remaining employees from exposure. After the initial testing day, this example also shows how the PCR positive employees can be retested and cleared to join their peers. This example is based on sample infection rate data from the Center for Disease Control.

Plan at a glance

Day 1Test all 500 employees to get a baseline of the infection rate.
Day 3The estimated 75 employees are PCR positive and in quarantine.
Day 14Retest 75 PCR positive employees to see who is PCR negative.
Day 17An estimated 64 employees should be able to return to work for a total of 489.
Day 28Retest the estimated 11 PCR positive employees.
Day 3131 days into this model an estimated 99% of the team has been cleared for work.

Get your 500 employee team back to work within a month with PCR Testing.

Employees can contract COVID-19 in the outside world and can bring it into the workplace. It’s important to keep the workplace safe and free from COVID-19.

Shane Stevens, CEO

Keeping your workforce safe

It’s important to keep the workplace safe and free from COVID-19. We recommend testing 25% of your staff weekly; therefore, every month you are testing the entire workforce. Isolating positive employees early will keep your business running. Status of individual employees will vary based on their activities outside the workplace.

Fill out the onsite testing request form to get started. One of our specialists will follow up and plan a testing event or schedule of multiple events that will help your organization open safely.

What onsite testing model does your organization require?

When do you need to have onsite testing performed or started?

How many team members does your organization need to test?

How many testing events does your organization require?

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