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On-site COVID-19 Tesiting Solutions For Your Organization

Why COVID Testing is important

Your COVID Testing Has to Be Compliant.
We Ensure That.

With the vaccination mandate looming, you need to make sure you have an adequate means of providing OSHA-compliant testing to your employees. 

AnyPlace MD takes care of your needs and worries with established processes and compliant COVID-19 tests. We ensure your business stays open, safe, compliant, and does not get fined. 

COVID Testing Solutions

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COVID Testing Solutions

Return to Work & Keep You Doors Open

Mobile COVID-19 Testing for Your Organization

With over 15 years of experience, and over 100 events set up in the last 6 months alone, APMD is the leader in innovative mobile COVID-19 testing.

Qualified Personel

We employ the best specialists with the highest levels of integrity and professionalism

Any Place

We provide mobile and portable COVID testing, vaccination, and Monoclonal treatment anywhere it is needed


We have clearly defined processes and solutions for your specific COVID-related needs


Testing and Care

Full Service COVID-19 Testing & Care Solution paired with SARS-CoV-2 PCR and Serology Testing Telemedicine.


Symptom Monitoring

We offer a FREE Symptom Monitoring Program.


COVID-19 treatment

AnyPlace MD partners with hospitals to fight COVID-19 by administering Monoclonal Infusions with our mobile anywhere-clinics.

Monitor, Automate, Mitigate

Mobile solutions Paired With the Powerful Software

The HIPAA-compliant AnyPlace MD COVID-19 tracking and symptom monitoring solution is helping companies and organizations bring their employees back into the office and get their teams back to work.

See how we can help you prevent coronavirus from entering your office or facilities.

keep Your organization safe

According to the CDC  it is reasonable to expect ~75% of your employees to test negative, based on current COVID-19 infection rate data.


Getting your team back to work

To get back to work, you need a plan you can execute to keep your returning employees as safe as possible. In this example, you can see a plan for reopening with the aim of detected and quarantining team members that test positive for COVID-19 to protect the remaining employees from exposure.

After the initial testing day, this example also shows how the PCR positive employees can be retested and cleared to join their peers. This example is based on sample infection rate data from the Center for Disease Control.

Plan at a glance

Test all 500 employees to get a baseline of the infection rate.
The estimated 75 employees are PCR positive and in quarantine.

Retest 75 PCR positive employees to see who is PCR negative.

An estimated 64 employees should be able to return to work for a total of 489.

Retest the estimated 11 PCR positive employees.

31 days into this model an estimated 99% of the team has been cleared for work.

Get your 500 employee team back to work within a month with PCR Testing.

Keeping Your workforce safe

We recommend testing 25% of your staff weekly; therefore, every month you are testing the entire workforce. Isolating positive employees early will keep your business running. The status of individual employees will vary based on their activities outside the workplace. 

NOTE: we DO NOT provide mobile testing services to individuals. 

E. Randy Eckert, MD
Medical Director

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Brenda Thompson,
Vice President of Human Resources

With over 20 years of Human Resource and Operations experience, Brenda brings her expertise and specialized skill set to Dental Health Management Solutions, AnyPlace MD and AnyPlace Audiology.  Her successful career includes working as an Executive Director in senior living communities and advancing her Human Resources career to Vice President of Human Resources. Brenda has a specific style and approach to balance risk-management and employee satisfaction.

Shane Stevens

Throughout my career, I have served and volunteered with several organizations including serving as an advisory board member for Concordia University Texas, an annual participant and supporter of Hounds for Heroes, the Special Olympics, and many others. I have also served as a deacon at the Austin Baptist Church since 2009. Shane earned a BS in Long-Term Health Care Administration from Texas State University in San Marcos.